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The fac­tory so­le­noid po­si­tion­ing on the Primera P11 head won’t work in a rear-wheel-drive ap­pli­ca­tion. Off-the-shelf kits are avail­able to move the twin so­le­noids to a more suit­able lo­ca­tion. Al­ter­na­tively, the Primera P12 20V only runs a sin­gle so­le­noid. What this means is both the cams switch over at once, as op­posed to the two switch­ing separately like on the P11 head. Be­cause the 20V head only has one so­le­noid, the so­le­noid mount is phys­i­cally much smaller, and with mi­nor mod­i­fi­ca­tion will work in the fac­tory po­si­tion with­out the need for re­lo­ca­tion.

An­other prob­lem you will run into with the P11 head is the ig­ni­tion set-up. On a P11 head, a dis­trib­u­tor sits next to the two so­le­noids. This, along with the two so­le­noids, won’t fit in-be­tween the fire­wall and the head. To rem­edy this, a P12 CAS needs to be used along with S15 coil packs, or P12 coil packs (both are iden­ti­cal). If you go this route and choose to run th­ese coil packs, you will need to have a P12 rocker cover to sit them in. If you can’t source a P12 rocker cover, you can run ex­ter­nal coils with a lead run­ning down to the spark plug. An­other so­lu­tion is to source an ex­tended coil pack from the likes of Bosch or AEM. Depend­ing on your ap­pli­ca­tion, you may need to shorten the CAS cover, or have a new case made to get it to fit.

So­le­noid re­lo­ca­tion kit

P11 dual so­le­noid,

P12 cam an­gle sen­sor

Fac­tory P12 coil pack

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