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Most of us have a fair idea of what a turbo man­i­fold does, but we’ll men­tion it again for the new­bies who are still learn­ing. A turbo man­i­fold is a se­ries of run­ners, or pipes, that col­lect ex­it­ing ex­haust gases which can then be chan­nelled into a merge col­lec­tor. A flange is needed to bolt the turbo to the man­i­fold, and this is welded/cast to the merge col­lec­tor. There are four key com­po­nents which can make or break an ex­haust man­i­fold: run­ner vol­ume and size, col­lec­tor an­gle to­wards turbo flange, run­ner length, and waste­gate place­ment.

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