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How do you think the car-au­dio scene has changed from the early days?

That’s a re­ally hard one. I guess, back in the early days, peo­ple were do­ing things to be dif­fer­ent. Now, peo­ple are build­ing cars more for a pur­pose — what­ever that pur­pose may be. There’s more at­ten­tion to de­tail th­ese days, in­stead of slap­ping a screen in here, there, and ev­ery­where. Some of the stuff we used to do was pretty im­prac­ti­cal; now it’s more de­tailed and more thought goes into it, I guess.

What does the CNC ma­chine work you do for places like Rapid Ra­dio en­tail?

If any of my cus­tomers have their own cus­tomers who want to do some­thing spe­cial, they’ll or­ga­nize the sys­tem de­sign and the build de­sign, and I’ll do the fin­ish­ing work and the de­tail stuff, such as cut­ting Per­spex, that they re­quire to build a show­stop­per. CNC and laser cut­ting give a fin­ish that you can’t achieve by hand.

Is that ser­vice avail­able to au­dio shops all around the coun­try?

It’s open to all of my cus­tomers, and it al­lows them to do far more than just drop a sub in a pre­fab box in a boot. We can make it some­thing spe­cial for them. We cur­rently sup­ply 12 shops around the coun­try. We take a care­ful ap­proach to who we sup­ply, be­cause just as im­por­tant as the prod­ucts you buy is the way they’re in­stalled into the ve­hi­cle. I’m all about deal­ing with the best stores in the coun­try, not all of the stores in the coun­try.

All I do is as­sist my cus­tomers to make sure their cus­tomers get the en­dresults they are af­ter. It’s re­ally about pro­vid­ing a ser­vice that al­lows them to get a bet­ter re­sult and al­lows them to make some­thing re­ally spe­cial.

Since you don’t deal with the pub­lic di­rect, how can peo­ple find out what your prod­ucts are and how to get them?

They can check out zeroflex.co.nz if they want any info. If they en­quire through that web­site, I can put them in touch with their near­est re­tailer.

You’ve owned a few show cars over the years — do you have plans to build any­thing else?

I’ve cur­rently got one in the build. I had a red Nis­san 300ZX that was well known in the show scene around 15 years ago. It’s now get­ting a full hot rod–style re­build. It’s got 24x15-inch wheels on the rear, airbags, and a 408ci Mopar V8 en­gine. It should be on the scene late next year. I guess what I’m do­ing is styling it around what I’d call a ‘Japrod’ — tak­ing a Ja­panese car, ap­ply­ing a chas­sis to it, and giv­ing it a bit of a hot rod look. I guar­an­tee there will be some haters out there, but there will also be peo­ple who can ap­pre­ci­ate the en­gi­neer­ing that’s gone into build­ing it.

Is part of the plan for that to rein­spire the scene a bit?

For sure. A good friend, Jar­den Kelly, who is prob­a­bly one of the most tal­ented car builders in the coun­try, has done some phe­nom­e­nal work on the car that’ll blow peo­ple away.

Here’s hop­ing it works; we look for­ward to see­ing it.

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