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Try­ing to re­move mud and dust from an off-road ve­hi­cle and even the work ute is one of those an­noy­ing tasks no one re­ally wants to do af­ter a hard day’s work, but who knows what kind of de­bris is rot­ting away the pro­tec­tive layer of your paint sur­face un­der there. What you need is a hy­brid polyurethane coat­ing with 3D nano tech­nol­ogy that will bond to the pores of the paint. When used in spray-on form, Nano-Clear will in­crease paint life by an ad­di­tional 10 years and re­duces clean­ing time to a min­i­mum due to its highly hy­dropho­bic na­ture — it forces wa­ter to run off, which helps to re­move dirt, dust, and other con­tam­i­nants. As less pres­sure is re­quired dur­ing the clean­ing process, the coat­ing doesn’t break down at the rates a tra­di­tional wax would, and it only loses 8.4 mi­cro­grams of sur­face af­ter a thou­sand cy­cles. Or for higher-end ve­hi­cles that spend a bit more time in the garage rather than at the mud pits, Nano-Clear Wipe-On is a lot thin­ner and is designed for fewer wash cy­cles than the above. This stuff is per­fect for stop­ping the dust from scratch­ing your brand-new paint sur­faces — the first coat fills in the pores of the paint for bet­ter hold and a flat work­ing sur­face, while the sec­ond coat puts on the pro­tec­tive top layer. “If deep scratch­ing does oc­cur, maybe you tap the cor­ner on the way out of the shed, Nano-Clear can be reap­plied,” ex­plained Ge­off from Nano-Clear. “And if you don’t have a shed, sit­ting out­side is not a worry as it’s tested against New Zealand’s harsh UV con­di­tions and sum­mer heat.” Best re­sults are achieved by ap­proved ap­pli­ca­tors, and Nano-Clear is guar­an­teed for up to 10 years.

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