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The world of In­sta­gram is a great one for those of us look­ing for a lit­tle build in­spi­ra­tion or sim­ply a never-end­ing dose of car cul­ture from all cor­ners of the world. Through the use of hash­tag searches, you can lo­cate and pin­point any damn thing you want — from some­thing as wide reach­ing as ‘#drift’ to as tar­geted as ‘#K20swapped­civic’. If you’re not on In­sta­gram, get on there and get your­self started! Here are six ac­counts we fol­low that we think you should, too.


As we head into sum­mer, Ja­pan is rolling into win­ter, and that means time-at­tack sea­son is upon us. If you want to keep up with their lo­cal cars, aero de­signer Numerore­serve is a great source. He’s not very po­lit­i­cally cor­rect and has very strong views about how time-at­tack cars should look. He clearly be­lieves other coun­tries aren’t do­ing it right, judg­ing by his posts, but, aside from all the ‘we do it bet­ter’ stuff, the con­stant feed of su­per-aero-equipped ma­chines will have any time-at­tack fan foam­ing at the mouth.


Style kings from way back when, 326Power is cer­tainly not afraid to push bound­aries with fit­ment, ride height, and the whole ‘stance move­ment’. These guys are trend­set­ters not fol­low­ers, and they never fail to bring the heat with new projects or cus­tomer cars. 326Power is right on the cut­ting edge of the trends in the Ja­panese scene, so it’s a good in­sight into what’s hot and what’s be­com­ing played out.


If you’re on ’gram or any part of the in­ter­net, we don’t need to tell you that scant­ily clad fe­male click­bait is ram­pant, and only ever a sin­gle click away. Well, this ac­count is not one of those types of girl ac­counts; in­stead it celebrates girls who build, work on, and drive cool cars hard, from all cor­ners of the globe. So, take your creep­ing else­where on ’gram, and ap­pre­ci­ate this ac­count for its cel­e­bra­tion of fe­male car cul­ture.

Old­school toy­ota­na­tion

Calling all fans of vin­tage Toy­ota tin — this is one ac­count that will keep your feed filled with your favourite man­u­fac­turer. Any style, any model, it doesn’t seem to mat­ter, as long as it’s a mod­i­fied Toy­ota. The con­tent might all be stolen and not orig­i­nal, but credit is given to each ac­count stolen from. What we like about this ac­count is the fact it’s all en­com­pass­ing, from mod­i­fied mini trucks to Supras, Star­lets, Crowns, and even some of the ear­lier mod­i­fied front-wheel-drive stuff.


Known only as ‘A. B.’, this is the ac­count of a very tal­ented artist whose ren­ders bend cars into wild ma­chines only a mad­man would at­tempt to build. But, in say­ing that, the ma­jor­ity of these con­cepts could be­come the real deal, or at least a slightly wa­tered-down ver­sion, be­cause we are yet to see one not pleas­ing to the eye. They kind of make us sad that we can’t drive such cre­ations on New Zealand roads. So, if you’re sick of all those cookie-cut­ter builds, there is a lit­tle bit of in­spi­ra­tion to be gained right here — but only if you’re brave or stupid, ei­ther will do.


Ben Walker is a fab­ri­ca­tor at Hyper­tune in Syd­ney with a love of drift­ing. He’s in the midst of his own AE86 project, and this car is a must-view for any­one who likes drift cars low enough to grind away their own sump, rad wheels, or cool fab­ri­ca­tion. It’s K24 pow­ered and fea­tures some very nice fab­ri­ca­tion, and we would rank this build among our top-10 favourite ac­counts that we fol­low world­wide.

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