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One word: spec­tac­u­lar. There are many ways to build a car, and there’s never re­ally a right or wrong sce­nario in our books, just vary­ing de­grees of cool. Matt Gaskin’s VK56-pow­ered R32 Sky­line hits the top of that scale and fur­ther ce­ments its place there with ev­ery up­date we re­ceive. For those of you un­aware, the 5.6-litre is a Nis­san-pro­duced, Amer­i­can-built V8 engine that is more com­monly known for its ex­ploits in the V8 Supercars se­ries and in speed­way su­per­stocks, though Nismo also uses the VK56DE for FIA GT1. Orig­i­nally found in­side a Nis­san Ti­tan pickup in the States, or a Nis­san Pa­trol on this side of the world, it was based on the VQ se­ries of V6 en­gines rather than the VH se­ries of V8s used in pre­vi­ous mod­els.

In Matt’s car, the VK has been hopped up be­yond imag­i­na­tion by the en­gi­neer­ing and fab­ri­ca­tion wizards at Hart­ley En­gines and Mo­tor­sports, now fea­tur­ing a bil­let ITB in­take with huge K&N square fil­ter for a su­per-tough look, and a Peter­son dry-sump system. What’s in­side re­mains a mys­tery to us at this stage, but judg­ing by what has gone on out­side, there’s no doubt about a trick ro­tat­ing assem­bly. A TTi GTO five-speed se­quen­tial gear­box is bolted to the rear, thanks to a bell­hous­ing de­signed and built by Nel­son Hart­ley. The engine loom and elec­tri­cal side of things has been taken care of by Chris at Pres­tige Tun­ing & Mo­tor­sport, who will also be tasked with the dyno work once the combo is fired into life — we’re also told that he is chuck­ing in a few trick pieces, such as the Link G4+ Xtreme–con­trolled e-throt­tle, as well as set­ting up launch con­trol and a speed lim­iter for Targa use. To keep ev­ery­thing fed with fresh E85 at all times, new -8 al­loy fuel lines have been run in­side the cabin, which are fed by twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps, and a re­turn line brings un­used corn juice back to the surge tank. In­side the cabin, the car is sport­ing a pair of new Racetech seats that are based on the V8 Su­per­car de­signs, and are mounted to the roll cage for added safety if things hap­pen to go pear-shaped — fin­gers crossed they don’t!

As for the out­side, Matty Rule whipped up a car­bon-fi­bre front split­ter that is said to be su­per strong and light­weight, with the idea that it can be re­moved with ease to load the car in and out of the trailer, while Zac from Car­bo­glass also con­structed a rear split­ter.

But, lest we for­get that the main star of the build — be­sides the engine it­self — is all the killer fab­ri­ca­tion work be­ing car­ried out by the guys at Kaizen Works. They have tick­led what seems to be nearly ev­ery as­pect of the build, cut­ting and re­shap­ing the tun­nel to ac­cept the gear­box, fab­bing up the gnarly four-into-two-into-one stepped-di­am­e­ter head­ers de­signed by Hart­ley En­gines and Mo­tor­sports, a rowdy side-exit ex­haust, and the engine and box mounts, right through to lit­tle things like drive­shaft hoops and plumb­ing up all the fluid lines. The car ap­pears to be near­ing com­ple­tion shortly and we’ll be mak­ing sure to fol­low it up once it’s out on the track.

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