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Well, that went by damn quick! Hope you all had a sweet hol­i­day break and man­aged to get among some of the fine, fine weather that we were treated to. I made sure to cut a few kilo­me­tres around the coun­try in the time off and gave the new daily a good ol’ run in — and for­get the same old re­peat­ing record; I didn’t get the track car done in time to take it out, not that I would have looked for­ward to fork­ing out for that fuel bill.

The roads be­tween Auck­land (via Mata­mata) and Taupo are pretty stel­lar, I might add, and, for the most part, it was smooth sailing the whole way down and back. But there was one part of my trav­els that irked me. What’s the deal with pass­ing lanes and our at­ti­tude to­wards them? Don’t get me wrong here — pass­ing lanes are a god­send when you get caught be­hind a milk truck out in the wops, and I made fair use of that trick, don’t you worry — but when it came to pass­ing oth­er­wise slow-trav­el­ling (80kph) cars, it was sud­denly the back straight at La­guna Seca, and we were bat­tling for a podium fin­ish. One such chap was quite fond of clock­ing in ex­cess of 110kph as soon as the fol­low­ing car moved into the pass­ing lane, af­ter cov­er­ing a 10-kilo­me­tre stretch of open road at a lovely 60 to 80kph. It’s that old ‘you can’t pass me’ at­ti­tude, and Ki­wis are quite well known for the staunch stance we take to­wards th­ese ‘chal­lenges’ while driv­ing. In re­al­ity, it causes no harm to you if you sim­ply stay at your com­fort­able cruis­ing speed, or even dial it back a touch; you won’t get to your des­ti­na­tion any slower if you let cars pass you.

This kind of stuff cre­ates pissed-off driv­ers, the ones who sit on your arse even when you aren’t the car hold­ing up the queue, and, more of­ten than not, be­ing pissed-off causes them to at­tempt some sketchy ma­noeu­vres to get past. It’s this busi­ness that adds to our road toll, as frus­trated driv­ers make poor de­ci­sions.

I’ll ad­mit I’ve been guilty of this be­hav­iour in the past but have made a point to drop my speed, if safe to do so, when I see cars mov­ing into the pass­ing lane — the other driver can pass within the posted speed limit, and I can hap­pily in­crease my speed once they have passed.

The roads aren’t a bat­tle royal, where you need to prove how big your dick is at ev­ery op­por­tu­nity. We all want to get where we’re go­ing in a good time and in one piece.

Take it easy out there, boys and girls.

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