Mazda FD RX-7 — Dy­lan Wool­house (Pro)

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With a fresh chas­sis in his hands — one that is far, far lighter and more nim­ble than the C35 he pre­vi­ously cam­paigned — Dy­lan Wool­house quickly went about finding some se­ri­ous lock. There was no Wise­fab kit avail­able for the FD chas­sis at the time, so he con­tacted Dar­ryl from EFI & Turbo to con­struct the whole lot. The kit they de­vel­oped con­sists of a cus­tom steel plate A arms, and knuckle combo, which is spher­i­cal rose-jointed through­out.

“I sup­pose it’s the most New Zealand-ized ver­sion you can get [that’s] close to Wise­fab,” Dy­lan told us.

The kit al­lows for roughly 70 de­grees of lock and uti­lizes a de­pow­ered fac­tory rack with an elec­tric col­umn fit­ted — no pump, no fluid.

“RX-7s nat­u­rally have bug­ger-all lock — you end up go­ing in and strug­gling to hold it against the walls … with this you’ve al­ways got enough to play with. We wanted to be as com­pet­i­tive as pos­si­ble with this car.”

It was a big step up from Dy­lan’s pre­vi­ous car, which housed a fairly ba­sic set-up, mak­ing use of cut and welded knuck­les that had been done at home. This car makes use of Tein Su­per Drift coilovers — a main sell­ing point of the rolling body, Dy­lan tells us — although he would like to swap the 12kg front springs for heav­ier units to com­pen­sate for the LS. “Go­ing from a ro­tary to LS is a bit dif­fer­ent in weight dis­tri­bu­tion, and we’re notic­ing a bit of sway that needs to be looked at.”

The rear uses Townsend Broth­ers Rac­ing (TBR) arms, and the sway bars were re­moved to chase some grip. An un­for­tu­nate con­tact with the wall at this round bent one of the top arms up front, but one of the lo­cal teams of­fered to straighten it out at their work­shop and he was quickly back out on track to put in some seat time.

“We’ve had lots of silly is­sues so far that have re­stricted seat time. The car feels so much faster than what I’m used to, so it’s good to get in the car and get used to it.” Once he gets a bet­ter feel for the set-up, they will be­gin to look at putting more grip into it.



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