Mazda FC RX-7 — Guy Gra­ham-Ba­grie (Pro-Sport)

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An un­der-uti­lized chas­sis in pre­vi­ous years, the FC RX-7 has seen a resur­gence this sea­son with four ex­am­ples in the mix. Guy is one of the orig­i­nals and has been drift­ing his ex­am­ple for quite some time. The Bill­speer knuck­les have been a sta­ple in the car for al­most as long as he’s driven it, pro­vid­ing all he de­sires in the way of lock. Be­cause the S4 lower ball joint bolts on, Guy made a 30mm plate that it now sits atop, cre­at­ing a straighter rack end con­nec­tion. Although un­sure on the ex­act set­ting, he be­lieves the Ack­er­mann to be pretty close to zero.

The front did run a sway bar, but, as ex­pected, got in the way of lock and was quickly re­moved, although he did tell us, “I left the links in there to piss off Neil [crew mem­ber] every time he sees them.”

Most peo­ple in the FC world will tell you that the rear sway bar is no good, so Guy has binned his and never looked back. The HKS Hyper Ds are very, very old from what he’s told us.

“The rears are not cap­tive, and droop quite a bit when I jack it up. It’s rough and ready, but that’s the next thing on the list to ad­dress.”

Tyre pres­sures and align­ment are used to chase grip, with a wee bit of toe-in at the rear to give it some bite. Every­thing else in the rear is fac­tory, with a cam­ber bar fit­ted to lift the sub­frame up to take the cam­ber out — the is­sue here is that it only mounts to one side and makes it un­even, so he has re­lo­cated the links to lift it up a bit fur­ther and help to bal­ance things out.

“It does squat a fair bit, which is good for grip, but that’s prob­a­bly more be­cause of the shot shocks.”


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