’71 DATSUN 510

— Mu­gen M7

NZ Performance Car - - 4 & Rotary Nationals 2017 -

AHonda boy through and through, Neel Singh picked up his set of Mu­gen M7s back in 2013 with the in­ten­tion of us­ing them on the ap­pro­pri­ately matched In­te­gra (DC2) oc­cu­py­ing his drive­way space. Orig­i­nally mea­sur­ing in at 15x6.5 inches (+45p) in two-piece form with a 4x100 PCD, he wanted a big­ger, stauncher look and en­quired lo­cally about hav­ing them widened. Not finding the right combo to suit — specif­i­cally, a stepped lip to bring the wheels out to 16 inches — Neel looked to the States to have a set of 2.25-inch lips com­mis­sioned. Once landed, the orig­i­nal siz­ing was stripped, with the faces and new bar­rels sent off to Ar­row Wheels for assem­bly. The 190-thick­ness 6061-T6, cus­tom-tooled bar­rels en­sure the wheels now mea­sure in at a cool 16x8 inches (+20p) in three-piece form. As far as Neel knows, it’s the only set in New Zealand to have been re­sized, and he made sure to wrap them in qual­ity rub­ber — a set of 195/40R16 Toyo T1Rs. Af­ter be­ing run on the DC2 for a short pe­riod, tastes shifted, and a Datsun 510 re­pur­posed that drive­way space. Still hold­ing Honda stylings close to heart, a lit­tle spice was added to the old Datto in the form of the M7s, and most peo­ple won’t pick it at first, per­haps due to the ’70s rac­ing–style vibe, but they are most cer­tainly a Honda (Mu­gen) piece. Be­ing the wrong PCD, a set of cus­tom 20mm hub adapters (4x114.3 to 4x100) was made that al­lows the wheels to sit at a com­fort­able +0p. The ques­tion now is, is this the start of the cross-breed­ing of two of the, ar­guably, most op­po­site makes and fan bases?

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