NZ Performance Car - - 4 & Rotary Nationals 2017 -

C1 4WD Turbo — Dave Dun­can, Nissan Sky­line GT-R (R32): C2 2WD Turbo — Daniel Pater­son, Nissan Sky­line (R32): C3 All Mo­tor N/A — Ron­ald Prasad, Honda Civic: C4 Quick V8s — Phil Hunter, Ford Fal­con: C6 Dial Your Own — Craig Hed­ley: C8 King of the Street — Oshana So­laka, Mazda 323: Com­pe­ti­tion — Michael Franklin, ’66 Pon­tiac GTO: Sport Com­pact — Ja­son Horn, Mit­subishi Lancer: 11.404s at 105.40mph ( 169.62kph) 11.783s at 123.61mph ( 198.93kph) 12.492s at 110.81mph ( 178.33kph) 11.469s at 91.93mph ( 147.94kph) 9.518s at 143.08mph ( 230.26kph) 10.658s at 134.12mph ( 215.84kph) 7.953s at 173.32mph ( 278.92kph) 8.820s at 156.73mph ( 253.23kph)

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