BMW E46 — Daynom Tem­ple­man (Pro)

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Switch­ing to the E46 chas­sis for the Daynom Tem­ple­man was a de­ci­sion based on the avail­abil­ity of off-the-shelf steer­ing com­po­nents, some­thing his old FD RX-7 lacked (at the time). Cham­pi­onship proven, the Wise­fab kit has shown its worth straight out of the box. The kit com­prises of cus­tom lower con­trol arms, and bolt-in roll cen­tre ad­justers, while uti­liz­ing the fac­tory knuckle to achieve a zero Ack­er­mann setup. The rear uses the fac­tory BMW trail­ing arms, while Wise­fab ad­justable con­trol arms re­place the fac­tory items. This re­moves the lower spring seat, forc­ing the con­ver­sion to a true coilover.

The lower arm mount­ing points have been al­tered to mimic For­mula D style, which pre­vents it from trav­el­ling on an arc, cre­at­ing a straight up and down mo­tion.

Bren­don from BNR Engi­neer­ing set every­thing up, telling us “When we first started to do the wheel align­ment for the Wise­fab in the front, they said you have X amount of caster, but we wanted it to re­turn faster, so we just upped the caster. It’s now maxed out and the only way to change that would be to change the angle of the strut it­self, which be­comes hard with reg­u­la­tions.”

They haven’t tried to dial in a lot of me­chan­i­cal grip, as much of it is oc­curs nat­u­rally at the rear, even with the mam­moth amounts of power be­ing put out by the 2JZ. The For­tune Auto coilovers run a 5kg spring in the rear for a soft squat, and cus­tom rear sway bars are switched out to suit dif­fer­ent tracks. Th­ese range from 16–32mm, with the small­est be­ing run at Tau­ranga, and the front uses a 32mm op­tion to suit the lock set-up.

“It re­ally all comes down to the throt­tle. If you want more drive for­ward, you just stand on it and it will smoke the rears, then you have the steer­ing bits to catch it when it comes around.”



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