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In 2012, Pukekohe drifter and owner of E&H Mo­tors, Carl Ruiterman, swapped two wheels for four and pro­ceeded to con­tinue his drift­ing an­tics with great suc­cess — al­beit not for com­pe­ti­tion. Carl’s V11 WRX hatch made drift­ing look easy and, as the years went on, Carl tried his hands at bit of grip rac­ing, in­clud­ing Lead­foot. How­ever, for the past few years, while Carl has fo­cused on off-road rac­ing, we have sadly missed this show pony WRX. The good news is: this car is now back on the road, with more power and with a new di­rec­tion of time at­tack.

The boys at E&H have de­vel­oped a stroked 2.1-litre en­gine, which pro­duces 650Nm of torque from 3600rpm and all the way to red­line. Carl tells us they stopped at two bar, which pro­duces 597kW on Gull E85, but there is plenty more in it with the new BorgWarner EFR8374 twin-scroll turbo.

The block it­self fea­tures HKS pis­tons, and Car­rillo rods join cus­tom E&H-spec camshafts, over­sized valves, and ex­ten­sively ported heads. The WRX has also re­ceived ex­ten­sive oil­ing mod­i­fi­ca­tions, with ported gal­leries, a ported oil pump, a cross­drilled crank­shaft, and a spe­cially de­signed catch can that uses vac­uum to keep oil from stor­ing in the heads and re­turns it to the cus­tom gated sump quick smart.

A new in­let man­i­fold has also been de­vel­oped, shift­ing the trum­pet lo­ca­tion and mov­ing the tra­di­tional throt­tle body po­si­tion to en­sure even dis­tri­bu­tion across all four run­ners. The radiator has been shifted to the rear, with a wa­ter sprayer sys­tem, side air ducts, and a Davies Craig EWP 150 con­trolled by the Emtron KV89 ECU.

“This is the sin­gle big­gest im­prove­ment we have made to the han­dling of this car. Both the bal­ance and the brak­ing have been greatly im­proved by shift­ing the radiator,” Carl ex­plains.

The ad­di­tion of flares has meant that 18x11s with 295s at all cor­ners pro­vide plenty of grip, and Carl is ea­ger to see how brother Hans goes be­hind the wheel, as Hans is step­ping into the driver seat and plans to develop the car with some aero — ex­cit­ing times ahead.

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