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ud­get­ing: there re­ally is noth­ing scarier than talk­ing money when it comes to build­ing a car. I refuse to do the maths needed for the stack of in­voices I’ve got sit­ting in the bot­tom drawer. It’s even more scary when you’re keep­ing that in­voice folder se­curely tucked away from those who would contest the ex­or­bi­tant amounts of money be­ing poured into it — RIP all the lads out there who have had their mis­sus find it. The dif­fer­ence be­tween how much you want to spend ver­sus how much you can ac­tu­ally af­ford to spend can put a damp­ener on any build, and, when you do come into a lit­tle bit of coin, a proper bud­get could help save you from, well ... your­self. The longer I’ve spent build­ing my own car, the more I’ve learned this. Over the course of the last few months, a moun­tain of tweaks and changes to my orig­i­nal plan has meant an in­creased amount of cash be­ing sucked into the car, and, the more you do change your plan, the eas­ier it is to fall down that rab­bit hole of no re­turn — a fa­mil­iar story for many of our fea­ture-car own­ers, no doubt. How­ever you de­cide to spend your coin, be that dump­ing se­ri­ous amounts into the blingy bits and skimp­ing on the es­sen­tials or vice versa, make sure to have a hard think about where it’s re­ally go­ing to count.

The one area that I have ne­glected the most in pre­vi­ous years is proper safety equip­ment — I didn’t plan to crash. Even though I didn’t plan for it, though, I did crash, and prob­a­bly will again in the fu­ture. It’s an in­evitable in motorsport; even the pros make mis­takes. The im­por­tance of good safety equip­ment has been high­lighted for me even more in re­cent times with a few friends be­ing in­volved in se­ri­ous, po­ten­tially life-end­ing crashes, and they were all saved by hav­ing the right safety pieces in place. This was the driv­ing fac­tor for putting a solid cage into my car; in­stalling qual­ity seats and har­nesses; re­plac­ing the old $1 Trade Me hel­met; and, prob­a­bly one of the most im­por­tant things, in­vest­ing in a HANS ( head and neck sup­port) de­vice — if you want per­fect ex­am­ples of why you should do this, Google Tony Longhurst’s crash at the 1991 Nis­san Mo­bil 500 in Welling­ton or flick to page 96 to see Glenn Hodges’ March in Un­der Con­struc­tion.

All this stuff is pretty ac­ces­si­ble at a rea­son­able price nowa­days, and if you plan to run in any kind of am­a­teur se­ries, or even at a hand­ful of track days, most — if not all — of this safety equip­ment will be a re­quire­ment. You re­ally can’t put a price on your well-be­ing or, in some cases, life.

Keep safe out there, kids.

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