1992 Mazda RX-7 (FD)

Name: Sheng Lu Age: 24 Lo­ca­tion: Welling­ton Oc­cu­pa­tion: Project man­ager

NZ Performance Car - - The Demon Energy Babe -

NZ Per­for­mance Car: Hi, Sheng. Your batty is su­per sleek — what made you buy it?

Sheng: Hey, NZ Per­for­mance Car. I ac­tu­ally swapped my C-notched ’05 Courier for it, which I had picked up cheap any­way, and, since the RX-7 had just had a fresh re­build from Stu Law­ton — and I know he builds some of the tough­est ro­taries in New Zealand — it sounded like a sweet deal to me.

Not bad at all! Were the Equips hard to get your hands on in those sizes?

Yeah, I ended up hav­ing to buy them as pairs — one of which was black cen­tred and the other pol­ished. They were stripped down, re­furbed to re­move any dam­age, and re­pol­ished for that OG chrome look.

Are we wrong in say­ing that those rear hips look a bit wide, too?

You aren’t wrong there! Long story short, when I bought the wheels, the sizes and off­sets [that] I thought I was buy­ing turned out to be in­cor­rect, so, when they turned up, they didn’t fit … in­stead of dick­ing around try­ing to re­size the wheels, we got to work re­siz­ing the guards in­stead. It was im­por­tant to me that we stayed with the fac­tory lines in the rear and didn’t overdo it. Most peo­ple won’t no­tice a dif­fer­ence un­less it’s put up next to fac­tory ex­am­ples.

It works pretty damn well. What’s the re­sponse been like?

I try to take it out ev­ery weekend, since it’s all street le­gal, and, wher­ever it ends up go­ing, I’ll have a chat with peo­ple ask­ing what’s been done and who built it, etc. The plate usu­ally sparks up the most con­ver­sa­tions and the oc­ca­sional old bug­ger com­ment­ing on the smell of the two-stroke mix burn­ing, and what that ro­tary ‘noise’ is.

And how does it han­dle on track?

It’s only been to a cou­ple of track days — mainly Pow­er­cruise and, most re­cently, [the V] 4&Ro­tary Jam­boree — but it’s been killer to get out on track in. Rides su­per smooth for such a low car, and the 13B has got some pull to make things hairy when you want it to. But that thought is al­ways in the back of your mind, to be care­ful not to dam­age the rear end [laughs].

Never hurts to give it some shit! Thanks for shar­ing her with us, Sheng.

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