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New Zealand’s most hard­core Honda drag chas­sis is cur­rently be­ing dusted off in an­tic­i­pa­tion for a re­turn to the strip fol­low­ing a seven-year hia­tus. Built by the team at Kelford Cams in 2009, the ex cover car ( NZPC 104) weighed in at 750kg and sported a very se­ri­ous H22A. At the time the car ran a best of 10.88, and the team is keen to see how much faster the pack­age can go with some modern tweaks — as you can imag­ine, tech­nol­ogy has moved on a lot since then. The H22A will re­main along with the PPG gearset, al­though as Josh from Kelford ex­plained, the en­gine is now a 2.4. “We are still us­ing the same H22A sleeved block we had last time the car ran, we are in­creas­ing the stroke to 97.5mm and us­ing lighter-weight al­loy con rods that will give us just over 2.4 litres, the head has had days spent on it pulling ev­ery CFM of air­flow it can breathe. The cams and valve train parts have been re­de­vel­oped, and only the rock­ers are left from the old set-up.” The plan is to run ei­ther methanol or E85, the in­jec­tors have been up­graded and the same 60mm Billet throt­tle bod­ies will stay.

The sus­pen­sion pack­age will also re­main, with a dou­ble A-arm up front end with chro­moly arms, al­though the brakes will be up­graded and a line locker added to help heat those front slicks. A new Link ECU will be in­stalled so the team can make the most out of the new fea­tures like flat shift­ing and launch con­trol. The project is com­ing to­gether slowly in-be­tween their reg­u­lar work load, but they plan to have the car out at Rua­puna this com­ing sum­mer sea­son with an all new look, and hope­fully a ton more pace.

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