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One of the most pop­u­lar up­grades has al­ways been sus­pen­sion. But peo­ple tend to think that car sus­pen­sion is a whole lot of sor­cery, when it re­ally comes down to a few ba­sics. For the be­gin­ner, a set of ad­justable coilover shocks will do the trick and has been the go-to op­tion for years.

Josh Coote from MCA Sus­pen­sion told us: “Ad­just­ment clicks don’t mean a shock is bet­ter — 30 clicks on one might have less ad­just­ment over­all than four clicks on an­other — it’s about the ad­just­ment range.” As an ex-D1NZ com­peti­tor, he con­tin­ued: “It’s not about one par­tic­u­lar as­pect; it’s about how the whole pack­age comes to­gether and get­ting the bal­ance right: valv­ing, travel, spring rate, and how they all work to­gether. It’s also im­por­tant not to over com­pli­cate the set-up by re­plac­ing too many com­po­nents with­out fully un­der­stand­ing why, or what they do.”

Many driv­ers make the mis­take of try­ing to over-stiffen, but you still need a de­gree of sus­pen­sion travel — es­pe­cially if you want to swing the arse end out and bake some tyres: “Too lit­tle damp­ing and the car will ‘float’ and have a boat-like re­sponse, whereas too much damp­ing will cause the car to feel twitchy and [be] harder to con­trol. The car needs to be bal­anced and sta­ble, and able to be thrown around with­out rapidly spin­ning out or shift­ing weight. Con­sult with your lo­cal pro­fes­sional in or­der to de­ter­mine what your car re­quires, and get the ba­sics sorted first so [that] you don’t spend valu­able time at the track, or on the side of the road, try­ing to fix the wrong set-up.” MCA Sus­pen­sion // +61 7 3865 5091 // mca­sus­pen­

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