NZ Performance Car - - 1990 Toyota Mark II (YX76) - PHO­TOS: ADAM CROY

NZ Per­for­mance Car: Hey, Luke. She’s a pretty un­der­cover wagon; what does it get used for?

Luke: Yo, what’s hap­pen­ing? Yep, it looks like Grandad is off to the gro­cery store for a few spuds; but, for me, it’s ba­si­cally a week­end work­horse that gets abused — it sees limmy ev­ery time it gets driven [laughs] — that’s what we built it for. Do­ing skids is its favourite trick, but it pulls quick in a straight line, too, hav­ing done a 13-sec­ond flat pass at Mere­mere.

So, it’s clearly not run­ning the fac­tory 2Y mo­tor any­more. You went with the 1JZ in­stead?

Yeah, it’s a sim­ple pack­age that me and my old boy, Hodgey, built in the garage at home. It was an un­opened mo­tor that we sin­gle-turbo con­verted with the MasterPower T70 with a cus­tom 420 Fab man­i­fold. We made the mounts to get it in there, along with a few ex­tras, like mod­i­fy­ing the throt­tle body and do­ing all the pipe work. It has all the other stuff, too, like in­jec­tors, waste­gates, cus­tom ex­haust, Link ECU, etc.

What’s it got go­ing on un­der­neath?

Rolls on cus­tom Bil­stein coilovers with Toyshop top hats and a mix­ture of springs. I re­cently tight­ened up the rear, as the live axle was tramping a little bit, but now it hooks up solid when power goes down. Brakes have been done, too. Most of what you can’t see from the out­side has been up­graded to make sure [that] it does what it’s meant to.

Has it been pretty re­li­able through­out all that abuse?

Pretty good, con­sid­er­ing what I’ve given it over the years. I man­aged to blow third and fourth gear at Chrome rac­ing Stephen Dean’s ro­tary Cortina — that cars faaarkin’ quick, and I was creep­ing up on him un­til I went to shift into fifth and man­aged to hook third in­stead [laughs]. But, even then, I drove the rest of the day with just first, sec­ond, and fifth, then drove it home, and then around for an­other month be­fore the new box went in.

And it husses pretty good, then?

It husses haaaaard, G.

Cheers for the yarn, Luke.

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