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■ Ed­die tricks doesn’t up his sleeve have any and more he knows it else but to he know doesn’t it. want ev­ery­one ■ So the he’ll jeers power that rang on, ig­nor­ing out across Twick­en­ham Ire­land. a er they lost to ■ He’ll is part con­tinue of his plan to say and all that this all great teams en­counter ad­ver­sity some­where on the path to glory. ■ All true, but how do Eng­land bounce back? ■ They are go­ing to surely have to drop Hart­ley as cap­tain and from the start­ing team. ■ They need to pick Far­rell at No 10 and keep him there. ■ They will no doubt in­ject Brad Shields into their start­ing team once he ar­rives. ■ And they need to find a gen­uine open­side who is quick and ca­pa­ble of lead­ing their work at the break­down. ■ Not much for Ed­die to do then. ■ Oh yeah and he needs to rad­i­cally change his en­tire coach­ing phi­los­o­phy be­cause it is fairly ob­vi­ous he is wind­ing the play­ers up too tight. ■ Cen­tre Jonathan Joseph re­vealed that Jones texts play­ers dur­ing club games to let them know he is watch­ing. ■ Joseph said he fin­ished one club game to re­alise that at half time Jones had texted him to say he had missed a cru­cial tackle. ■ Not only is that a lit­tle too in­tense, it’s ac­tu­ally just a bit creepy. ■ Dude, lighten up. Peo­ple will think you are plain weird do­ing that sort of stu . ■ Even Graham Henry man­aged to get over his school head­mas­ter gene and ease up on the All Blacks a er a while. ■ There’s a fine line be­tween driven and ac­tu­ally be­ing a bona fide ob­ses­sive with not enough go­ing on in the rest of your life. ■ So Ed­die…kick back man, get Net­flix, dis­cover the joys of knit­ting, or lawn bowl­ing, or any­thing that en­ables you to be less creepy.

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