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they don’t have at least one loose for­ward who is just as good as him.

But maybe they will have the last laugh in Novem­ber if Shields plays for Eng­land and helps them beat the All Blacks.

Wouldn’t that cre­ate just a lit­tle in­trigue..?

And by in­trigue, what we re­ally mean is that the English me­dia would sud­denly hail Shields the great­est loose for­ward New Zealand had ever pro­duced.

And then they would say that Eng­land were sud­denly on track to win the World Cup.

This is how it is with the English me­dia. There is never any mid­dle ground.

When Eng­land beat the All Blacks in 2012, the English im­me­di­ately said they had seen the likely make up of the 2015 fi­nal.

They were sure that New Zealand and Eng­land were destined to meet in the fi­nal be­cause of that game in 2012.

And they were half right. New Zealand did make the fi­nal.

Eng­land, how­ever, never made it out of their pool.

Then Ed­die Jones ar­rived in 2016 and it was all Ed­die this, Ed­die that and he could do no wrong.

It was much the same in 2017. Ed­die we love you. You are the best.

Then in 2018, Eng­land, hav­ing lost only once pre­vi­ously un­der Ed­die, suf­fered three de­feats in a row and it was Ed­die we hate you.

Ed­die you should be sacked. Ed­die isn’t even bloody English. He’s Aus­tralian.

One win against the All Blacks and it will be Ed­die we would like to give you a Knight­hood.

Ed­die has fixed every­thing. The All Blacks have lost their aura. The All Blacks are in free fall. They have peaked too soon.

The All Blacks were mad to never pick Shields. How did they miss him? Ed­die is a ge­nius and Steve Hansen is an idiot.

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