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When it comes to ground an­chors the NZ-made Lan-cor is hard to beat. It was re­leased a few years ago and is now ex­ported around the world. Where other an­chors are big and cum­ber­some the Lan-cor can be eas­ily stored in the back of your 4WD with your other re­cov­ery equip­ment. It packs into its own carry bag less than half a me­tre long and only weighs nine kg. But the Lan-cor is not just another auger an­chor – the auger is only there to get the an­chor into the ground, so you don’t need a sledge ham­mer. Once in the ground the ca­ble, at­tached near the bot­tom, does all the work, pulling on the an­chor at right an­gles, and with a 5.5 ton safe work­ing load is able to with­stand some se­ri­ous re­cov­er­ies. The work­ing head of the Lan­cor, in­cor­po­rat­ing the auger, is made up of a 25mm dia. solid steel shaft. A length of nine mm six-core steel ca­ble, as used on your stan­dard winch, is at­tached around the shaft us­ing a patented ca­ble guide mech­a­nism. The rest of the an­chor con­sists of lengths of sim­ple box sec­tion that clip to­gether giv­ing a to­tal length of 1.8 me­tres. The spe­cially de­signed tip means the Lan-cor is eas­ily screwed into even rel­a­tively firm ground. The Lan-cor’s patented de­sign also means it is able to go much deeper than other an­chors, and as it is pulled from the bot­tom has much greater hold­ing power in a wider range of ter­rain. It is easy to use in nearly all ter­rain and re­ally ex­cels in sand. The Lan-cor was de­signed with the ca­sual 4WDer in mind. It is also used by New Zealand and Aus­tralian es­sen­tial ser­vices and was re­cently picked up by NATO and is now on the NATO list of ap­proved de­vices. Visit the web­site and watch two short videos of the Lan-cor in ac­tion.

And do­ing its job.

A Lan-cor ready to use.

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