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Divers work to defuse mas­sive WW2 ‘earth­quake’ bomb

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WAR­SAW: Navy divers yes­ter­day be­gan a five­day op­er­a­tion to defuse the largest un­ex­ploded World War 2 bomb ever found in Poland, forc­ing more than 750 peo­ple to evac­u­ate their homes.

Dubbed the ‘‘earth­quake’’ bomb, the Tall­boy bomb was used by Bri­tain’s Royal Air Force and weighs nearly 5400kg, in­clud­ing 2400kg of ex­plo­sive, the navy said on its Face­book page.

The bomb was found in the Pi­ast Canal, which con­nects the Baltic Sea with the Oder River, and was dropped by the RAF in 1945 in an at­tack on the Ger­man cruiser Lut­zow. The site is near the town of Swinou­j­scie in north­west Poland where a liq­ue­fied nat­u­ral gas ter­mi­nal was opened in 2016.

‘‘There will be no de­liv­er­ies while the bomb is be­ing neu­tralised,’’ a spokes­woman at site op­er­a­tor Gaz­Sys­tem said.

‘‘We dug up the mov­ing part of the bomb. The mid­dle part the bomb was left, as planned, so that the de­bris around it would keep the bomb in a fixed place, so that it would not move and the fuses would not be trig­gered,’’ Michal Jod­loski, from the 12th Minesweepe­r Squadron of the 8th Coastal De­fense Flotilla, told pri­vate broad­caster TVN 24. — Reuters

 ?? PHOTO: WIKIMEDIA COM­MONS ?? A Tall­boy bomb.

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