Otago Daily Times

Teach­ers’ salary in­creases


THE Min­is­ter of Ed­u­ca­tion, Hon C.J. Parr, an­nounced to­day the ex­pected in­creases to teach­ers’ salaries. Mr Parr stated that there were over 7000 teach­ers con­cerned. The Min­is­ter of Fi­nance, Mr Massey, had been able to give him a quar­ter of a mil­lion pounds this year for ad­di­tions to teach­ers’ salaries. In dis­tribut­ing this money he had given spe­cial con­sid­er­a­tion to the fu­ture of the pro­fes­sion, as well as to the present ne­ces­si­ties. His main ob­ject had been to make the teach­ing pro­fes­sion more at­trac­tive to young peo­ple. He had given con­sid­er­a­tion to

the in­ter­ests of the coun­try child. Over 30 per­cent of the chil­dren were be­ing taught in coun­try schools, largely staffed by un­cer­tifi­cated teach­ers. He de­sired to rem­edy this evil. By bet­ter pay he hoped to in­duce the able as­sis­tant to go to the coun­try. The depart­ment would in­crease the cap­i­ta­tion to the back­block schools to £15 per head per an­num. The salaries of schools of Grades I, II and III (av­er­age at­ten­dance rang­ing from 9 to 120) had been ma­te­ri­ally in­creased. These in­creases ranged from £70 to a max­i­mum of £120 for the last two years.

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