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Chris­tian faith should be recog­nised at hos­pi­tal

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CHRISTIANO­PHOBIA is alive and well in our city as wit­nessed by the SDHB’s de­ci­sion to in­stall a mul­ti­faith chapel in the new Dunedin Hos­pi­tal in place of the ex­ist­ing Chris­tian chapel (ODT, 6.10.20).

Doesn’t the project di­rec­tor, Hamish Brown, re­alise that the term ‘‘multi­faith’’ is ac­tu­ally an oxy­moron? Also, con­trary to pub­lic opin­ion, Chris­tian­ity, Is­lam, Hin­duism, Sikhism and so on do not share the same de­ity.

That’s a fal­lacy. In fact, a Mus­lim would be highly of­fended if told his god was no dif­fer­ent to the god of an­other re­li­gion.

I agree with the Rev Richard Daw­son’s ar­gu­ment that the Chris­tian church pi­o­neered hos­pi­tals (with their chapels), as well as uni­ver­si­ties (in­clud­ing Otago’s) and or­phan­ages. Does this her­itage and ser­vice to the com­mu­nity mean noth­ing?

The first clause in the Magna Carta, which is en­shrined both in English and New Zealand law, states: ‘‘The English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undi­min­ished, and its lib­er­ties un­im­paired.’’

Alex Aitken


Dunedin Rail­ways

HEAR, hear, John Farry. I agree with ev­ery word of his piece (Opin­ion, 12.10.20).

We must keep Dunedin Rail­ways func­tional, and never sell off any of its as­sets. Any costs ac­crued in the cur­rent Covid­moth­balling would have a strong say to a good share, with plea­sure, of my rates.

The only thing I’d add: Why not use the train for a re­in­state­ment of the Mos­giel sub­ur­ban ser­vice?

Who­ever forms the next gov­ern­ment would be, as I gather, in favour: ex­plic­itly from Na­tional’s Chris Bishop; and im­plic­itly from Labour, whose aim to de­car­bonise pub­lic trans­port would be well served by elec­tri­fi­ca­tion of this short route.

OK, Dunedin Rail­ways would need to ac­quire an elec­tric lo­co­mo­tive, but Ki­wiRail could come to that party with a vin­tage model.

R. Gard­ner


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