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Global rev­enue last year ¤25.3 bil­lion ($NZ45 bil­lion), across 120 mar­kets.

¤7.16 bil­lion ($NZ12.75 bil­lion) global sales (2018) for ‘‘spe­cialised nu­tri­tion’’, in­clud­ing ex­ten­sive range of milk pow­der prod­ucts.

Sales split: 29% spe­cialised nu­tri­tion, 19% wa­ters, 52% dairy and plant­based prod­ucts.

Yo­ghurt giant in Europe, NZ op­er­a­tion fo­cused on in­fant for­mula in­clud­ing Ap­tamil and Kari­care, and other milk pow­der prod­ucts.

Six sites in New Zealand, in­clud­ing milk pow­der plant em­ploy­ing 125 near Clydevale, South Otago.

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