Otago Daily Times

Over­land travel by eels


Much con­tro­versy has taken place from time to time as to whether eels travel over­land from one river or lake to an­other, and there are many, in­clud­ing the Maori who be­lieve this to be the case. This the­ory was sub­stan­ti­ated a few evenings ago (says the Levin Chron­i­cle) when a res­i­dent was mo­tor­ing home. He spied an eel, some dis­tance off, mak­ing across the road, ev­i­dently hav­ing come from the water race nearby, the mo­tor run­ning over and killing it. It is stated that sev­eral have been killed on the Fox­ton road in the same way. — ODT, 25.10.1920.

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