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Cryptic cross­word

- Free State · London · Orange Free State

ACROSS 1. So spent out on child one ac­quired through mar­riage (7) 5. Biker’s pas­sen­ger may be in it for a cock­tail (7)

9. A bird from Mars, green as maybe (9)

10. The plun­der will de­te­ri­o­rate (5)

11. Plumped for work one was no longer tied to (5)

12. Puts glad-rags on and makes it look bet­ter than it is (7,2) 13. Front of at­tack shown in pa­rade he’s re­spon­si­ble for (9) 16. Imp­ish per­son has no right to such mal­ice (5)

17. Puts one’s cross back close to vest­ment it con­tains (5) 18. Earth sent fly­ing when it im­pends (9)

20. A let-up for the ne­glect­ful no one can get back (9)

23. Heart op­er­a­tion showed he had large al­co­hol in­take (5) 25. Rus­sian guild was later to be turned out (5)

26. Wear­ing down turns it into tar (9)

27. Frog when young was lad poet wrote about (7)

28. Drunk like a snake? (7) DOWN 1. A call to ap­pear with the whole lot at WWl bat­tle­field (7)

2. A bird one might greet in a dif­fer­ent way (5)

3. Ac­cepted mod­els for roses of a sort, or flags (9)

4. Was pry­ing about, so got up­set in the wrong end (5)

5. Errs un­der duress, so must yield to one (9)

6. Re­moves film that turns up in the post sud­denly (5)

7. Walk over burn­ing em­bers only to get caught in it? (9)

8. Fall back when right asleep but toss­ing about (7)

14. Cal­cu­lated that times had changed, date be­ing wrong (9) 15. Draw one out of Crete by taxi per­haps (9)

16. Bird around tree­top giv­ing one a sud­den fright (9)

17. A dif­fer­ent form of rain might fall in a vat (7)

19. With vi­o­lins etc at­tached there are awk­ward com­pli­ca­tions (7) 21. Old Ital­ian coin auc­tioned for noth­ing (5)

22. About one’s birth next to the Or­ange Free State (5) 24. Haugh­ti­ness in pea­cock’s dis­play Lon­don brings to flower (5)

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