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A guide to b­ball’s fast and phys­i­cal younger sibling

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WHAT ex­actly is 3x3 bas­ket­ball?

In sim­ple terms it is bas­ket­ball with three play­ers, rather than five.

But there is a bit more to the ab­bre­vi­ated ver­sion of the game, which will be on show at the Na­tional Bas­ket­ball League’s in­au­gu­ral 3x3 tour­na­ment in In­ver­cargill over the next three days.

It is played in the half­court, mean­ing just one hoop is used.

among that group and that would be key.

Tim­mins, a for­mer un­der­18 3x3 world cham­pion, would look to utilise that.

He pos­sesses a handy out­side shot him­self and pro­vides a strong in­side pres­ence.

But get­ting the ball to his team­mates on the perime­ter was key, par­tic­u­larly given the

Rather than run­ning to the other end, the team pick­ing up pos­ses­sion has to take the ball out­side the three­point line be­fore it can score.

Shots in­side the arc are worth one point and out­side the arc are worth two.

That means long shots have more value in a 3x3 game, be­ing worth dou­ble a closer shot rather be­ing worth only 50% more.

Free throws are still worth one point, too, in­creas­ing their value on a reg­u­lar game as well.

faster switch be­tween of­fence and de­fence.

‘‘I feel like I’m a re­ally good passer.

‘‘A mas­sive part of 3x3 is get­ting the ball out of the net or just on a re­bound and be­ing able to turn around and lo­cate your shoot­ers, whip it out and they shoot it.

‘‘Ei­ther you get a re­bound or

Games go for 10 min­utes, or un­til a team reaches 21 points — which­ever comes first.

The ball is dif­fer­ent too — the same size women nor­mally play with, but the weight of a men’s ball.

It makes for a fast, phys­i­cal and, at times, very dif­fer­ent game to bas­ket­ball’s full ver­sion.

New Zealand has had plenty of suc­cess in the for­mat since its in­cep­tion over the past decade.

In 2011 and 2015 it won un­der18 men’s world ti­tles and last

you get ready for a seal or they make it and you’re ready to play de­fence again.

‘‘It’s a mas­sive chal­lenge in terms of your bas­ket­ball IQ, so I love that as well.’’

The Nuggets play their first game tonight at 9.03pm against the Manawatu Jets.

They face the Taranaki Moun­tainairs, Hawke’s Bay Hawks year it fin­ished se­cond to the United States at the un­der­18 women’s world cham­pi­onships.

It will also fea­ture at the next Olympic and Com­mon­wealth Games.

The NBL tour­na­ment, begin­ning at 6.30pm today, has both men’s and women’s com­pe­ti­tions.

Each has 10 teams and will run along­side each other.

To­mor­row and Satur­day will have ses­sions from noon un­til 4pm, as well as 6.30pm un­til 10.30pm.

and Tas­man Suns to­mor­row, be­fore Satur­day’s play­offs.

South­land fans will also have a team to sup­port in the men’s com­pe­ti­tion, as the South­land Sharks take the court.

They have signed a starstud­ded ros­ter con­sist­ing of Alex Pledger, Hyrum Har­ris, Dom Kel­man­Poto and Alonzo Bur­ton.

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