Is it time to bag, rub­bish bags?


A user pays ap­proach for rub­bish bags could be on the cards for ur­ban res­i­dents of Mata­mataPi­ako.

The pro­posed changes were part of the Mata­mata-Pi­ako District Coun­cil’s com­mu­nity con­sul­ta­tion plan, ‘‘Love your district, re­duce your waste’’ and as part of The Right De­bate, which it planned to dis­cuss at its meet­ing this week.

The plan sought feed­back on the 10 ini­tia­tives to re­duce waste go­ing into land­fill.

Fliers were handed out with rub­bish bags ear­lier this year and coun­cil re­ceived 87 sur­vey re­sponses.

Thirty-four re­spon­ders sup­ported a change to the rub­bish bag sys­tem, with 45 per cent con­sid­er­ing the ini­tia­tive im­por­tant.

Cur­rently, ratepay­ers pay a tar­geted rate for waste and re­cy­cling col­lec­tion. It in­cluded a 60 litre coun­cil rub­bish bag and re­cy­cling bin weekly.

The tar­geted rate was $153.08 in the 2017/18 fi­nan­cial year.

Pro­posed changes in­cluded the re­moval of the voucher for 52 rub­bish bags, but keep­ing the same waste col­lec­tion ser­vice. It meant ur­ban res­i­dents would need to pur­chase rub­bish bags from a re­tailer, but at a fixed price set by coun­cil.

The coun­cil would re­duce the rates for waste from $153 to $29.

The cost of 52 bags at $2 each and resid­ual price of $29 would to­tal $133 per year.

The re­port sug­gested ad­van­tages such as res­i­dents only pay­ing per use, coun­cil mon­i­tor­ing waste dis­posal and en­cour­ag­ing re­duced waste per house­hold while the dis­ad­van­tages in­cluded the cost of bags no longer be­ing cov­ered by rates and ten­ants fac­ing cost in­creases if land­lords fail to pass the sav­ings on.

The changes would align Mata­mata-Pi­ako with ThamesCoro­madel and Hau­raki district coun­cils, which cur­rently use a sim­i­lar sys­tem.

The Right De­bate ini­tia­tive was adopted from the Joint Waste Min­imi­sa­tion and Min­imi­sa­tion Plan.

Of the 87 sur­vey re­sponses to the con­sul­ta­tion, 24 were from Mata­mata, 33 from Mor­rinsville and 18 from Te Aroha. Twelve re­spon­ders did not state lo­ca­tion.

Other ini­tia­tives in The Right De­bate in­cluded en­cour­ag­ing the de­vel­op­ment of a re­source re­cy­cling cen­tre, waste min­imi­sa­tion grant sup­port­ing ‘‘on the ground’’ waste min­imi­sa­tion pro­jects and more vis­i­bil­ity to the Love Food, Hate Waste cam­paign.


Mata­mata-Pi­ako Coun­cil may re­move coun­cil bags from rates, in­stead adopt­ing a user pays sys­tem.

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