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What do you like best about the South Waikato?

People are friendly, it’s cen­tral not too far away from things, sporty, people are good at sports.

What is the worst thing about the South Waikato?

It’s an ex­ter­nal thing, aye, it’s more the per­cep­tion from out­side of this town. That is what I think, you know, Toko­roa it’s that neg­a­tive thing. We live here so we love this town.

What is the most dev­as­tat­ing event you have en­dured?

When my par­ents died, my dad es­pe­cially be­cause he went be­fore my mum that is prob­a­bly the one that hit me the most.

What is the most in­spir- ing event you have seen?

Prob­a­bly grad­u­a­tion, oh kids be­ing born and grand­kids. But univer­sity grad­u­a­tion be­ing the first one at Otago Univer­sity, be­cause of my dad he was real dis­ap­pointed when I left school early.

What is your favourite fish & chip shop?

Prob­a­bly two, East and West and the Kelso Street one. The Kelso street I get the chips and fish from there and East and West I get all the Chi­nese stuff.

When I’ve got free time I like to ...

Play with grand­kids. They are the high­light for me, they re­ally are dif­fer­ent, aye – they have a sense of hu­mour and are funny.

Some­thing that re­ally an­noys me about people is ...

Re­ally self-cen­tred people, they don’t stop to think about oth­ers.

If a tourist came to the South Waikato I would take them ...

To the bike trails, the lakes, fish­ing and hunt­ing.

If I were mayor the first thing I would do is ...

Prob­a­bly ed­u­ca­tion, like work with uni­ver­si­ties to try get a satel­lite in town like Massey Univer­sity, like a satel­lite hub.

If I was not a prin­ci­pal or teacher I would be a ...

Still in edu- cation, like a univer­sity lec­turer.

My two cents on the South Waikato

‘‘ Good range of op­por­tu­ni­ties here. Good place to live and friendly people.’’

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