Friend­li­ness ranks high­est

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What do you like best about the South Waikato?

The friend­li­ness of the people, you can walk around the street and no mat­ter who they are you can say hello and they an­swer back.

What is the worst thing about the South Waikato?

Prob­a­bly the cold . . . no . . . that’s some­thing I’ve never re­ally thought of. I know there’s a lot of people who have left Toko­roa and they’ve re­gret­ted it be­cause they wanted to move back.

If you could change any­thing about the district what would it be?

More op­por­tu­ni­ties for jobs for the young people.

If a tourist came to the South Waikato where would you take them?

It would de­pend on what the tourist would be in­ter­ested, in but I have shown people that have come into town the Kin­leith mill and we’ve taken them out to Lake Whaka­maru ... and now there’s the walk­ing trails, there’s plenty to do around here. If I was mayor I would . . . Oh, that’s tricky that one . .. I don’t know, that’s get­ting into pol­i­tics. Can we by­pass that one?

What is the most in­spir­ing event you have ex­pe­ri­enced?

Oh . . . get­ting mar­ried . . . oh gee that’s a good one um ... prob­a­bly see­ing both boys grad­u­ate at univer­sity, and the births of my grand­chil­dren.

If I was stuck on a desert is­land, the one thing I would take would be . . .

A bot­tle of beer . . . just any- thing. I drink any­thing nowa­days.

What is your favourite fish and chip shop?

Well, we don’t have fish and chips, the wife’s got high choles­terol.

What an­noys you the most about people?

Prob­a­bly people walk­ing around and drop­ping rubbish on the streets, well it makes the town look un­tidy.

When I’m free I like to . . .

Play in­door bowls, I used to play out­door but I haven’t got back to that yet.

One thing that people don’t know about me is ...

I’m a nice per­son ...I don’t know, ev­ery­body knows what I’m like.

Ken Reid

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