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The pub­lic meet­ing 30 march 2016 was at­tended by 30 peo­ple held in sports and event cen­tre on leith place up­grade and an­nual plan top­ics.

Ten per cent of the meet­ing turned up at the Coun­cil Cham­bers to find out coun­cil changed the venue last minute ex­pect­ing 14,000 peo­ple not 10s.

Mayor Sin­clair stood up and re­port Cen­tral Govern­ment wants coun­cil to con­cen­trate on in­fras­truc­ture like roads, wa­ter, sew­er­age.

But when asked about coun­cils’ 100 per cent role in al­co­hol li­cens­ing and pokie ma­chine al­lowance num­bers he was speech­less.

$10 mil­lion per year is spent by gam­bling and the same in tax on al­co­hol and al­co­hol in Toko­roa and sur­round­ing area.

That is $100 mil­lion out of the District each decade.

A po­ten­tial dif­fer­ence of $200 mil­lion.

The so­cial harm TCOSS re­ported to coun­cil on tells of pain in the com­mu­nity of Toko­roa from poverty and the Mayor lives in Pu­taruru.

Staff and CEO Craig Hobbs must cham­pion Toko­roa now Coun­cil voted down a Toko­roa Com­mu­nity Board at rep­re­sen­ta­tion re­view.

Shame on gov­er­nance and man­age­ment for per­mit­ting this sit­u­a­tion from coun­cil.

Leith Place is just a symp­tom of greater dis­ease. So leave the Leith Place as it is. In­vest that money in re­search of ben­e­fits of a com­mu­nity by a Com­mu­nity board un­der De­part­ment of In­ter­nal af­fairs ready for the next rep­re­sen­ta­tion re­view in 3 to 6 years time.

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