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Stratford Press - - - By PAMELA DARTH of Brian Darth Fu­neral Ser­vices

Q: I would like my loved one to stay in your fu­neral home but I would like to see them. How does this work and is it pos­si­ble for any­one to also view them?

A: Out view­ing room is open 24/7 al­low­ing fam­i­lies to view their loved ones at what­ever time the fam­ily re­quest.

Ac­com­mo­dat­ing fam­ily re­quests for view­ing times is an in­te­gral part of our ser­vice, and be­cause the team at Brian Darth Fu­neral Ser­vices are the only fu­neral di­rec­tors to live in Strat­ford, all re­quests are read­ily sup­ported and ac­com­mo­dated, even if this means a 2am visit.

We will al­ways be at the fu­neral home to greet fam­ily mem­bers be­cause we ap­pre­ci­ate the pass­ing of a loved one can be a very dif­fi­cult time e.

With that in mind, fam­ily mem­bers have said that hav­ing one of us there with them, even if we are in the room next door, has been very com­fort­ing and sup­port­ive.

At times, some vis­i­tors read a book, lis­ten to mu­sic, qui­etly chat away, or choose to just sit silently while view­ing, tak­ing com­fort in the fact they are still in the phys­i­cal pres­ence of their loved one. This can be a very emo­tional and heal­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

When the fam­ily choose to leave their loved one in the care of Brian Darth Fu­neral Ser­vices, we en­cour­age them to par­tic­i­pate in view­ings, ei­ther to­gether or sep­a­rately, tak­ing the op­por­tu­nity to say their pri­vate farewell. Chil­dren are also en­cour­aged and wel­comed as this can help in their un­der­stand­ing of what is hap­pen­ing at this time.

It is dur­ing the fu­neral ar­range­ment process, when we meet with the fam­ily mem­bers, that we dis­cuss the view­ing ar­range­ments, such as do the fam­ily wish to have open view­ings for their loved one, or do they wish to keep all view­ings pri­vate. If pri­vate view­ings are the fam­ily’s wish, we will ex­plain this to oth­ers re­quest­ing a view­ing.

How­ever, if it is the fam­ily’s wish to warmly wel­come oth­ers to ar­range view­ings, we also make avail­able to them the same 24-hour view­ing time op­tion.

■ Pamela and Brian Darth of Brian Darth Fu­neral Ser­vices an­swer ques­tions on fu­ner­als in this monthly col­umn. Send ques­tions, care of the Strat­ford Press. Ques­tions will be an­swered in this col­umn only. Pri­vate cor­re­spon­dence will not be en­tered into. They are the only fu­neral di­rec­tors to live lo­cally.

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