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con­tact@north­har­bourvet.co.nz MY 4-month-old golden re­triever puppy called Max has a light coloured coat and he has de­vel­oped a small amount of brown stain­ing at the in­ner cor­ner of both eyes. How can I get rid of this?

I pre­sume Max has been checked by your vet with his puppy vac­ci­na­tions. This would have in­cluded see­ing if there was a cause for ex­ces­sive tears be­ing pro­duced or if drainage from the in­ner cor­ners of the eyes was re­duced. Ex­ces­sive tears can be caused by in­flam­ma­tion of the eye or eye­lids or there may be de­fects to the eye­lids. Some­times there are ex­tra fine hairs that con­tact the eye­ball caus­ing over­pro­duc­tion of tears. Ap­ply­ing stain to the eye and check­ing to see if it is vis­i­ble at the nos­trils gives a rough mea­sure of tear drainage. If these in­ves­ti­ga­tions find no cause and the stain­ing is mi­nor you may be able to min­imise with wip­ing. A daily low dose of an­tibi­otic is cu­ra­tive but would not be ad­vised.

Our 14-year-old cat has been di­ag­nosed with kid­ney fail­ure. She is still eat­ing rea­son­ably well but she re­fused to eat the dry kid­ney food that our vet supplied. Is it im­por­tant for her to have the spe­cial food?

It is very im­por­tant to take ad­vice from your vet. The kid­ney diet has re­duced phos­pho­rous and lower pro­tein lev­els to help the re­duced func­tion of the kid­neys. Plac­ing your cat on such a diet will ex­tend her life. There are two brands of kid­ney food with the op­tion of sa­chets and canned food, which cats will of­ten ac­cept. Once she gets used to the wet food op­tion you may find her ap­petite im­proved and she will also eat the dry food. My cat has kid­ney fail­ure and she is do­ing well on wet kid­ney food along with dry; hope­fully your cat will also make the change.

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