A curse on cats

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We keep our win­dows open at night for health rea­sons, and some­one else’s cat has come in and scratched our $5000 lounge suite.

The coun­cil will come and re­move dogs. The police will re­move hu­mans on our prop­erty. We can set bait and kill ver­min. But cats? They are the great un­touch­able.

So, what can we do that won’t im­pinge on our life­style and won’t cost us a lot of money? Does any­one have any ideas? We have tried mo­tion de­tec­tors. We have tried the oils, eu­ca­lyp­tus, laven­der and cit­ronella. None of it works. We would buy a mo­tion-de­tect­ing wa­ter spray but they cost over $150 and, again, why should we pay for some­one else’s cat?

Can some­one help? Can some­one sug­gest a le­gal and hu­mane way of keep­ing, what is to us, ver­min away?

I know I am putting my­self out there for ridicule, as cat own­ers feel their pets are en­ti­tled to roam and do what­ever they want.

Keith Moyes, Christchurch

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