Stephanie Mitchell talks to Lucy Mor­ris who runs fash­ion la­bel, Luna.

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Lucy Mor­ris is fol­low­ing in her fa­ther’s foot­steps with her new fash­ion la­bel, Luna. Mor­ris’ fa­ther was a trained shoe maker and leather ar­ti­san and gave her the first glimpse into the trade.

‘‘I grew up ex­plor­ing his work­shop.’’

That same work­shop is now her own.

‘‘I’ve used it for a year as my own which was great but it’s never re­ally felt like mine.’’

Quee­nie, Mor­ris’ cat, soon fixed that.

‘‘My cat fell through the roof, she’s so fat, so we’ve had to get some things re­done which is good for me be­cause I can put my own mark on it now.’’

Mor­ris grad­u­ated from Massey Univer­sity with a Bach­e­lor of De­sign with 1st class hon­ours ma­jor­ing in fash­ion de­sign. It wasn’t long af­ter grad­u­at­ing she re­alised the tra­di­tional fast-paced fash­ion in­dus­try wasn’t for her.

‘‘I wanted to slow down the fash­ion in­dus­try process and make pieces that will last your whole life. I wanted to be cre­at­ing my own brand, paving my own way with my own ideals.’’

Mor­ris said she had worked with brands that pro­duced items in two weeks from con­cept to be­ing in store.

‘‘Brands can make things so cheap with over­seas man­u­fac­tur­ing. It’s in­sane.’’

Mor­ris’ la­bel Luna cre­ates made-to-or­der leather bags. She tries to push bound­aries with leather as a medium such as steer­ing away from sewing and opt­ing for weav­ing the leather to­gether in­stead.

‘‘I feel like peo­ple aren’t ex­plor­ing it and they stick to the one thing be­cause it sells.

‘‘Peo­ple are afraid of us­ing leather be­cause of the tech­nique

"I wanted to be cre­at­ing my own brand, paving my own way with my own ideals."

Lucy Mor­ris

that comes with it.’’

Luna started in Auck­land when Mor­ris was based there but she was happy to move back to her home­town of New Ply­mouth as it al­lowed her cre­ativ­ity to flow.

‘‘It’s calmer down here and my day-to-day is far less stress­ful and it al­lows me to cre­ate bet­ter prod­ucts.’’

Although it’s calmer Mor­ris said the dif­fer­ence be­tween hav­ing a brand in New Ply­mouth com­pared to Auck­land was net­work­ing.

‘‘Net­work­ing is dif­fer­ent down here but there is a huge cre­ative com­mu­nity from what I’ve seen. It’s just about giv­ing it time to find that com­mu­nity.’’

Luna is some­thing Mor­ris has had in the works since 2011. The name came from merg­ing the first two let­ters of her first name and the first two let­ters of her fa­ther’s last name. Luna also ties in with Mor­ris’ love of as­trol­ogy.

‘‘I’ve al­ways been ob­sessed with any­thing re­lat­ing to as­trol­ogy, the moon and cy­cles.


Lucy Mor­ris hand crafts made-to-or­der leather bags in New Ply­mouth.

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