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1. They’re the best able to make the shop manic (9)

5. Snake with feath­ers that gets worn (3)

7. The cen­tury will help out if it’s sour (4)

8. It wor­ries one when buds stir like this (8)

10. Fetch with you the oil in­cluded for cook­ing (8)

11. Will you be ar­chaic, and droop? (4)

13. Is, when held among the oth­ers, able to fight back (6)

15. The one and the other, with hes­i­tancy, cause one an­noy­ance (6)

18. The pin­na­cle is reached by a pri­mate be­fore ten (4)

19. A square of cloth that of­ten comes to hand (8)

22. Sup­port may be rife, as is heard from the en­gine (8)

23. The end of the church re­turned in the Span­ish In­qui­si­tion (4)

24. It may be elec­tric, and cur­rently in the swim (3)

25. A fish that could be lured with melt (3,6)


1. Novice driver caught in curve of the road will climb with dif­fi­culty (7)

2. Friend from Spain will leave af­ter I am up­set (5)

3. Ci­bols to be soon in pro­duc­tion (6)

4. A va­ri­ety of teas will more than sat­isfy one (4)

5. Brush in use, if one wants to pol­ish it up (7)

6. There’s some­thing to one’s favour in way seats are ar­ranged (5)

9. The ap­pear­ance of light­ning may be con­sid­ered vul­gar (5)

12. Sort of singer who was in light en­ter­tain­ment (5)

14. Clients may use such a cut-out for copy­ing (7)

16. Think back on what to do if one is a glass (7)

17. Was afraid to be given food if spike of corn was in­cluded (6)

18. Wan­der slowly around Elba mo­tor­way (5)

20. How to lie about politi­cian to in­cite one to ac­tion (5)

21. It re­turns from Can­berra, fast, at a dis­tance (4)

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