Funeral home lawn cut up by van­dals


Funeral home owner Graeme McIn­tosh says he’s sick of boyrac­ers van­dal­is­ing his street.

Ear­lier this week, a driver sped along the Opepe St berm and tore up the grass out­side Taupo Funeral Ser­vices.

The tyre tracks are the first thing most griev­ing fam­i­lies see when they ap­proach the funeral home, McIn­tosh said.

‘‘First im­pres­sions can have a lot of in­flu­ence on whether you’re seen as a car­ing busi­ness or not,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re quite proud of our prop­erty and we try to keep it quite nice as we can be­cause of the emo­tion peo­ple are feel­ing when they come here.’’

McIn­tosh, who lives near the funeral home, said he of­ten heard cars speed­ing along the 50 kmh res­i­den­tial road at night.

Of­ten, tyre marks were left on the road.

Graeme’s son, Barry McIn­tosh, man­ages Taupo Funeral Ser­vices with his wife Kirs­tine.

Kirs­tine said the on­go­ing dam­age to the street was in­fu­ri­at­ing.

‘‘The street sign has been knocked down four times, so now they’ve had to put it on the lamp post.’’

Graeme said he had made a con­sid­er­able in­vest­ment in the funeral home premises since buy­ing the prop­erty in 1995 and he was frus­trated by the reck­less dam­age.

‘‘When we started here, there were only five trees,’’ he said.

’’This land used to be tem­po­rary hous­ing which was pro­vided for the Wairakei geo­ther­mal project work­ers. It was all soak holes and sep­tic tanks.’’

Gar­den­ers were em­ployed to work on the grounds, and a lot of ef­fort was put into keep­ing it tidy, he said.

‘‘We keep our prices down as much as we can, but if it costs us more to main­tain the prop­erty, it’s go­ing to cause funeral prices to go up,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re very proud of the venue we pro­vide for the com­mu­nity and don’t ex­pect any mem­ber of the com­mu­nity to trash it,’’ he said.

‘‘If every ac­tion has an equal re­ac­tion, let’s hope the re­ac­tion against these guys comes pretty soon.’’

McIn­tosh said he hoped that boyrac­ers, upon hear­ing of the im­pact the dam­age has on the busi­ness, would con­sider driv­ing else­where and avoid dam­ag­ing sub­ur­ban roads.

He urged the friends and fam­i­lies of boyrac­ers to pass on the mes­sage too.

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