Taupo Po­lice re­port for the past week


‘‘Fam­ily harm in­ci­dents keep tick­ing over. Po­lice en­cour­age peo­ple to keep re­port­ing these in­ci­dents so they can as­sist in keep­ing fam­i­lies safe. ’’ Taupo Po­lice.

A Po­lice search for a sil­ver Holden Com­modore last week has had good re­sults. The po­lice re­ceived a lot of in­for­ma­tion and as a re­sult of the pub­lic­ity around this the driver con­tacted po­lice. Bur­glar­ies:

There werea to­tal of three bur­glar­ies be­tween the re­ported times. There were two re­ported at one house on Scannell Street. The vic­tim was away from his house. He has re­turned to find the win­dow into the lounge has been forced open and of­fend­ers had en­tered the prop­erty. The of­fend­ers had been in the bed­rooms and the lounge and up­turned and opened draw­ers and cup­boards. The vic­tim has looked through the house and does not think any­thing has been taken.

Also on Scannell St the same vic­tim’s clothes have been stolen from the wash­ing line lo­cated at back of his unit.

There was also one re­ported bur­glary on El­iz­a­beth Street be­tween the re­ported times which in­volved the vic­tim’s ve­hi­cle, that was parked on his prop­erty, be­ing bro­ken into, The vic­tim states that he re­turned to the ve­hi­cle to find that some­one had stolen tools - there ap­pears to be no dam­age to the ve­hi­cle though he has found that one of his win­dows (very back win­dow) is hard to wind down now. There was no dis­tur­bance made to the house it­self and no at­tempt to steal the ve­hi­cle was made. Fam­ily Harm In­ci­dents: Fam­ily harm in­ci­dents keep tick­ing over. Po­lice at­tended seven in­ci­dents over the past week re­sult­ing in one ar­rest. Po­lice en­cour­age peo­ple to keep re­port­ing these in­ci­dents so they can as­sist in keep­ing fam­i­lies safe. Theft of Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle: On Green­wich Street one vic­tim’s car­a­van was stolen when it was parked di­rectly out­side his house on the main road. The car­a­van is used of­ten, the car­a­van was on its four legs to make it sta­ble, the sus­pects would have had to de­tach and re­tract the legs to tow the car­a­van away. The vic­tim’s wife ar­rived home on 19/5/17 at 1900hrs and the car­a­van was still there, through­out the night noth­ing was heard. Theft of Prop­erty: There were 12 thefts from Hal­len­steins, Liquor King, Pak n Save, Kathmandu and Mo­bil.

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