Hair­less dog makes new home


A Taupo¯ fam­ily has brushed off so­ci­ety’s norms and opted for what might be the coun­try’s first hair­less dog.

Mo­jito, who is only 12 weeks old, is a Xoloitzcuin­tle and he landed in Taupo¯ on Tues­day night from Bris­bane. Since then he has be­come com­fort­able in his new sur­round­ings - even div­ing head first into a pond in his new back­yard.

Gay Silby said the Mo­jito was given to her daugh­ter, Terri Hunt, from the Xoloitzcuin­tle breeder in Aus­tralia who had trav­elled to Mex­ico to buy Moi­jito’s par­ents.

‘‘[The breeder] had said she would give one to Terri for years and 12 weeks ago we were told some were born and one was for my daugh­ter,’’ Silby said. ‘‘Terri worked on me ever since to say yes.’’ And Silby is glad she did. Pro­nounced ‘show-low-its-queen-tlee’, the breed is 4500 years old. They are good hunters and track­ers with a very loyal heart for their fam­i­lies.

By the 1950s the Xolo was prac­ti­cally ex­tinct but de­ter­mi­na­tion saw the breed pros­per once again.

The Xolo comes in three sizes and two va­ri­eties. There are stan­dard, in­ter­me­di­ate and minia­ture sizes and coated and hair­less va­ri­eties.

Mo­jito is a minia­ture and Silby said he is al­ready show­ing his loyal side.

‘‘He’s just de­light­ful. He’s so loyal al­ready. He fol­lows us around ev­ery­where we go. He likes to be near us,’’ she said.

While he will be a fam­ily pet, Mo­jito will also be a help­ing hand for Silby.

‘‘My hear­ing is go­ing so I need him to tell me some­one is at the door,’’ she said. ‘‘He will be­come a ser­vice dog.’’

While Silby loves her new lit­tle friend she said she does dream of hav­ing a stan­dard Xolo, which is the big­gest size of the breed.

‘‘My sis­ter has an in­ter­me­di­ate one and I just loved her one but I fell in love with the stan­dard ones,’’ she said.

‘‘If I was 20 years younger I would have got one.’’

Silby is also a breeder of Sph­ynx cats so Mo­jito is fit­ting right in at home with his hair­less friends.


Gay Silby with her hair­less dog Mo­jito.

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