Lo­cal’s Big Daddy win at Ar­maged­don


Conor Brown has had his share of per­sonal dis­as­ter this year but still man­aged to tri­umph at Ar­maged­don.

For the past year, Brown has spent his time af­ter work putting to­gether a cos­tume for the Cos­play Con­test at Ar­maged­don in Auck­land and his BioShock Big Daddy won the novice sec­tion.

Hav­ing been to Ar­maged­don many times be­fore, Brown thought this was the year to fi­nally en­ter into the com­pe­ti­tion.

His in­spi­ra­tion came from the game, BioShock, as this year is the 10th an­niver­sary since the game first came out.

The con­cept de­sign started in Jan­uary and in Fe­bru­ary Brown fi­nally started the ac­tual pro­duc­tion of the cos­tume. To con­struct his cos­tume, Brown used a lot fi­bre­glass, PVC pip­ing and EVA foam and also some fab­ric and LEDs.

Dur­ing the year, Brown dis­lo­cated his left shoul­der three times - two from rollerblade falls at the skate park and in town and one from reach­ing up for some­thing in a shop - which he said made things a lit­tle dif­fi­cult.

‘‘Just sim­ple things like turn­ing the cos­tume over was hard,’’ he said.

‘‘I worked out a rig­ging sys­tem in my garage with a pul­ley and used that to turn over the cos­tume and to paint the boots.’’

And de­spite the hur­dles Brown got the Big Daddy cos­tume fin­ished and then walked away win­ner of the novice sec­tion - some­thing he didn’t ex­pect.

‘‘It was a big shock,’’ he said. ‘‘I one hun­dred per cent didn’t ex­pect to win.’’

Brown said he couldn’t hear that well in his cos­tume so it took him a while to fig­ure out that it had been cho­sen as the win­ner.

‘‘My part­ner was push­ing me up and I didn’t know why un­til she said I’d won,’’ he said.

Af­ter the judg­ing, Brown said it was real sur­real. Out the back, he and the other two cos­tumed win­ners of the three big cat­e­gories, all hugged it out with a few tears in the eyes.

‘‘It was all very much worth it,’’ he said.

Brown was up against 17 other con­tes­tants in the Novice sec­tion.

Conor Brown.

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