Help needed at Taupo¯ race park


Flag mar­shalls are con­sid­ered the most im­por­tant peo­ple on a race track and ad­min­is­tra­tors of Taupo¯ ’s Bruce McLaren Mo­tor­sport Park are in need of more pas­sion­ate peo­ple to wave the flag.

Bruce McLaren Mo­tor­sport Park is ask­ing mo­tor­sport en­thu­si­asts to help out by be­ing a flag mar­shall.

Pete Nagle is a steward at Pukekohe Park. He started off as a flag mar­shall and worked his way to the top.

The mem­o­ries and sto­ries he can share are all thanks to be­ing a flag mar­shall.

‘‘You re­ally get up close and per­sonal to the ac­tion,’’ he said.

‘‘The whole idea of a flag mar­shall is so rid­ers can get on the track and race and en­joy them­selves. With­out flag mar­shalls, they can’t do that.’’

Nagle started off as a flag mar­shall 10 years ago.

Since then, he has worked his way to be­ing Clerk of the Course and a Steward - with all train­ing pro­vided for him.

‘‘Be­come a clerk of the course and steward was some­thing I was keen on do­ing but I still throw on a pair of over­alls and jump out on the track,’’ he said.

Nagle said each event is dif­fer­ent to mar­shall.

‘‘One day you could be out on the track, as­sist­ing a rider who has crashed or bro­ken down and other days you could just stay on the side of the track, mar­shalling the flags.’’

And what Nagle loves most about his job - the re­la­tion­ships he has made.

‘‘You get to meet some of the world’s best,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s also like a fam­ily.’’

And the rid­ers ap­pre­ci­ate the help they get from the flag mar­shalls, which is all vol­un­teer based.

‘‘With­out those guys out there, rac­ers won’t be on the track,’’ he said.

‘‘The rac­ers know that and they ap­pre­ci­ate them.’’

No ex­pe­ri­ence is needed for be­com­ing a flag mar­shall, all train­ing will be pro­vided for mo­tor­cy­cle and car events.

Any­one who vol­un­teers will be pro­vided with lunch for the day, over­alls and petrol vouch­ers.

Once trained and ac­cred­ited, the op­tion to go to other tracks and mar­shall is a pos­si­bil­ity.

Any­one in­ter­ested in be­com­ing a flag mar­shall for Bruce McLaren Mo­tor­sport Park can email ad­


Flag mar­shalls are wanted for Bruce McLaren Mo­tor­sport Park.

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