Nineties comic se­ries shared on the web


Dean Steb­bing is no dig­i­tal na­tive, but that hasn’t stopped him stamp­ing a bit of the 90s on the dig­i­tal era.

The Taupo res­i­dent has un­earthed a comic strip se­ries he drew in 1991 and he is now shar­ing the 12-part se­ries on his Face­book page.

‘‘The se­ries fol­lows the ad­ven­tures of ‘Burnt-Out Bob’ – a rock­star try­ing to make it big in the 90s,’’ Steb­bing said.

‘‘Bob is loosely based on Keith Richards and Ronny Woods from the Rolling Stones.’’

Steb­bing is known for his pop art. Burnt-Out Bob was the first of six comic se­ries Steb­bing com­pleted in the 90s.

Steb­bing said the vi­su­als for Burnt-Out Bob came to mind like so much of his cre­ative work.

‘‘I was sit­ting at my desk, draw­ing away, and all of a sud­den I had him. I saw the idea.

‘‘It was just a happy ac­ci­dent. A lot of the time, it’s just a fluke and you go with it,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s al­most like an ac­tor, im­pro­vis­ing. Or a gui­tar solo. You don’t know where it’s go­ing to go.’’

Writ­ing and draw­ing a twelve-part comic se­ries was not easy, he said.

‘‘What I would do is a sketch of the whole pic­ture in pen­cil, then I’d get some trac­ing pa­per, and go over the top with a fine felt pen. It takes time,’’ he said.

‘‘Some­times I would stay up all night, draw­ing through un­til the birds start sing­ing.’’

The comic might pro­vide baby-boomers with a bit of nostal­gia, he said.

‘‘My in­spi­ra­tion back then was the mighty Heavy Metal mag­a­zine. It came out monthly and had five or six dif­fer­ent sto­ries you fol­lowed. My favourite was RanXerox.

Steb­bing said he re­mem­bers Taupo¯ in the 1990s.

‘‘It was like a lit­tle hick town, com­pared to to­day. But al­ways plenty of ex­cite­ment hap­pen­ing, for one rea­son or an­other. Mainly par­ties with friends – be­cause back then ev­ery­one knew each other. You’d walk down the street, run into some­one, then you’d end up at a party later on.’’

* Visit face­ Burn­tOutBob to see the first three comics. New BOB comics will be posted on­line on Mon­day and Wed­nes­day each week for Face­book page sub­scribers.


Dean Steb­bing has popped his ‘Burnt-Out Bob’ comic se­ries on Face­book.

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