Taupo¯ mum fights for her life


TA­MARA THORN When she was di­ag­nosed with can­cer Taupo¯ mother Ange Davis’ life came crash­ing down around her.

Davis, a mother of three, suf­fers from a rare form of kid­ney can­cer.

She was di­ag­nosed with Stage 4 Chro­mo­phobe Re­nal Cell Car­ci­noma [Can­cer of the Kid­ney] which has metas­ta­sised to her liver and is now af­fect­ing her lymph sys­tem.

As part of her treat­ment plan Davis has opted for al­ter­na­tive heal­ing op­tions for as long as she can. This in­volves a ma­jor life­style change start­ing with a high dosage of Vi­ta­min C via in­tra­venous infusion twice a week.

Since be­ing di­ag­nosed Davis has had her Kid­ney re­moved and is mak­ing plans to go over­seas for fur­ther treat­ment that is not of­fered in New Zealand.

‘‘I don’t want to leave my chil­dren, I can’t leave them...I want to live’’, she said.

‘‘I am not scared of dy­ing but I am scared of leav­ing them...It has turned my whole life up­side down.’’

It took a while for Davis to come to terms with her di­ag­no­sis as she took mul­ti­ple trips to the doc­tor. ‘‘It took al­most three days for me to ac­cept the re­al­ity of my di­ag­no­sis...after all of the doc­tor’s ap­point­ments think­ing I am just be­ing overly para­noid.’’

‘‘My mum is go­ing to lose her only daugh­ter, my brothers their only sister, my nan who is al­ready crushed, and the thoughts just kept flow­ing as do the tears.’’

As part of her life­style change Davis has since moved to a farm where the wa­ter is clean, and she can rest in calm­ness. She is also eat­ing or­ganic food and all things green.

‘‘I don’t take any­thing for granted any­more, and I re­alise that the lit­tle things in life, make my life.

‘‘The fu­ture is not cer­tain for me, it’s a day-by-day process...there are not a lot of op­tions where I’m con­cerned un­for­tu­nately.’’


Ange Dav­iswith two of her three chil­dren.

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