How much cru­elty is ac­cept­able?

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Those cursed colo­nials with their pos­sums, pigs, goats and rab­bits.

In Anita Lass­man’s let­ter en­ti­tled ‘Cau­tion­ary Tale of 1080’ she chal­lenges the use of 1080 as a means of pest con­trol and sug­gests that those who are ad­vo­cat­ing its use are ar­ro­gant and dis­mis­sive of their op­po­nents view point.

She also in­fers that the 1080 lobby has lit­tle care for an­i­mal suf­fer­ing.

Anita’s por­trayal of the 1080 lobby and the colonis­ers as the vil­lains may or may not be true, how­ever, the prob­lem still re­mains, how to deal with de­struc­tive in­tro­duced an­i­mals.

Once goals are set re­gard­ing the lev­els of con­trol to be achieved, then the ap­pro­pri­ate tools must be se­lected.

Those avail­able at the mo­ment in­clude fenc­ing, traps, culling, poi­son and bi­o­log­i­cal agents. 1080 may have its place amongst this arse­nal but as Anita points out there is an­i­mal suf­fer­ing in­volved, be it those con­sid­ered as pests.

I’m sure we would never have our vet eu­thanise our age­ing cat or dog with 1080, yet in the forests in New Zea­land ev­ery day an­i­mals are suf­fer­ing lin­ger­ing stress­ful deaths from con­sum­ing this poi­son.

How much cru­elty is ac­cept­able in the cause of con­ser­va­tion?


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