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Far from be­ing bot­tom up and com­mu­nity run, the Mayor’s De­mar­ca­tion Zone plan for the

Far North is a cen­tral gov­ern­ment, pub­lic pol­icy think tank eco­nomic and so­cial in­ter­ven­tion.

The ‘Tack­ling Poverty’ show is to be a 10 year ex­per­i­ment with­out in­formed con­sent, based on eco­nomic zone ex­per­i­ments done in In­dia and China, most of which have failed.

Blam­ing those in poverty is ridicu­lous as poverty stems from the debt based eco­nomic sys­tem and the na­tional debt ev­er­in­creas­ing in­ter­est and the cen­tral banks which profit from it, which di­verts the wealth out of coun­tries.

While the rest of the peo­ple in NZ will con­tinue to re­ceive leg­isla­tive en­ti­tle­ments and con­ces­sions, Far North res­i­dents will be de­nied these.

There will be no in­di­vid­ual free­dom for many to choose in mat­ters of health, ed­u­ca­tion, wel­fare and fi­nance.

Poverty is be­ing used as the ex­cuse to wipe away our ex­ist­ing rights and to ex­per­i­ment eco­nom­i­cally and so­cially with us all and not to have to ac­count for it ei­ther.

There are re­ally ef­fec­tive, bot­tom up com­mu­nity ini­tia­tives around the world help­ing lo­cal peo­ple to pros­per and im­prove their liv­ing con­di­tions.

How­ever, any sig­nif­i­cant change over­all will come when the debt-based mon­e­tary eco­nomic sys­tem is com­pletely over­hauled. I was ed­u­cated in Tawa, Welling­ton in the 50s and early 60s.

I can re­mem­ber be­ing ed­u­cated about New Zealand.

The be­gin­ning, the wars, Maori cul­ture etc. So have they dis­missed this learn­ing? In our stud­ies we also cap­tured Ro­man his­tory as well.

Learn­ing some words Maori is ok but then near school cer­tifi­cate or equiv­a­lent stu­dents should be of­fered a few lan­guages in­clud­ing Maori.

I took French and it has been help­ful abroad and here as a lit­er­ary teacher.

She was French and if we did not un­der­stand each other I re­verted to my for­mer knowl­edge and my French Dic­tio­nary English.

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