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1. Gai­ety with which men term Rhode Is­land is mis­ap­plied (9) 5. Take some starters even at teatime (3) 7. It is nearly time to sleep, but not quite (4) 8. Nat­u­ral de­sire to be small in France and copy the out­side (8) 10. What cap­i­tal earns may en­gage one’s at­ten­tion (8) 11. Throw some light on the struc­ture in the gar­den (4) 13. Eas­ily man­aged to break old ice up (6) 15. The con­di­tion might be left with half-term ar­range­ment (6) 18. What is learned at Oriel one leaves to be sorted out (4) 19. With many el­e­ments of same kind one could get mil­let up (8) 22. Com­plies with the class when among pris­on­ers (8) 23. An iris will flap fee­bly on a paving-stone (4) 24. Was il­lu­mi­nated when not much was halved (3) 25. Lucky for fish, tea hasn’t fin­ished (9)


1. The hu­man race will damn ink ver­sion of it (7) 2. Cor­rect what one is en­ti­tled to (5) 3. Poe wrote about sex to lay it bare (6) 4. Sen­ti­men­tally pretty we ap­pear in tie one had left (4) 5. De­scrip­tive term Pete hit out with (7) 6. Gen­eral ten­dency to trap half at the fin­ish (5) 9. Su­per­flu­ous or­na­ment for noth­ing less when in­valid (5) 12. Open coun­try right away from the fire­side (5) 14. Or­na­men­tal head­dress found once rot was re­moved (7) 16. Ta­ble or­na­ment, elec­tro­plated, turns green (7) 17. Ac­tor in folk-play was silent on merit: it wasn’t needed (6) 18. The pub nearby is all com­pany can sup­ply (5) 20. Dance in a pat­tern of dots (5) 21. Foot­ing on which cat­tle are live (4)

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