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1. Candy prices dif­fer when there’s a vari­ance of facts (11)

7. Store up some change for the car­riage (7)

9. Or­na­men­tal fas­ten­ing one may get in the throat (4)

11. Go to it for some time off (5)

12. So minded not be­ing there and for­get­ting about it (6)

14. One sort of ode, with rea­son, aris­ing from dif­fer­ent ways of think­ing (11)

18. Works hard at what Bri­tons never shall be (6)

20. Prize for a tied re­sult that is re­turned (5)

22. Food, pop­u­larly, one puts away (4)

23. One who washes will make it so (7)

24. For our part, male may need de­fen­sive sheet­ing (6-5)


2. As a re­place­ment it’s a den that needs build­ing (7)

3. Large jug that’s fresher with­out its top (4)

4. Line an­swer­ing to an equa­tion is not straight (5)

5. Mass qui­etly mov­ing in a sud­den con­vul­sive ac­tion (5)

6. An en­trance made of stone (5)

8. It’s not been estab­lished how it’s taken up over the North re­peat­edly (8)

10. Sort of bad cat that is sur­rounded will have to give up of­fice


13. One may have to fight for seats in the the­atre (3)

15. Is op­posed to a sat­ing of it (7)

16. Flower held up in se­cret sat­is­fac­tion (5)

17. Some fuss the Navy takes to deck it (5)

19. In real terms, it may be­come dif­fer­ent (5)

21. Maple planted out in an acre (4)

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