It’s time for a pro­mo­tion


It has taken three years, but

Bro­ken­wood’s De­tec­tive Con­sta­ble Sam Breen is fi­nally given a chance to shine this week.

“Shep­herd (Neill Rea) is out of com­mis­sion for a bit so Breen and Kristin (Fern Suther­land) have to step up to do more of the work to bring the case to a close,” says Nic Samp­son, who plays the third wheel to the de­tec­tive duo.

“I think Tim Balme (the show’s writer) has a lot of fun com­ing up with things that Breen is afraid of or wor­ried about.

“If there is some re­ally weird char­ac­ter, they al­ways get Breen to go and talk to him.

“Maybe the world of Bro­ken­wood is like

The Simp­sons and (the char­ac­ters) never re­ally age and Breen’s go­ing to stay a DC for­ever, but I think it is about time he got a pro­mo­tion.”

While Breen might be the eter­nal novice, Samp­son is

us to get me in and out of every­thing be­cause there are just so many lay­ers – hoop, over­skirt, tights, bloomers,” Nairn says.

“It’s ex­tra­or­di­nary dress­ing like that be­cause it re­ally gives you a sense of what it was like for women dur­ing that time and how re­stric­tive it was.

“It also changes the way you stand. A corset im­me­di­ately makes you stand up straight and it’s hard to breathe, it’s hard to sneeze, it’s hard to cough. If you feel a cough or a sneeze com­ing on you’re think­ing, ‘Oh my god, here we go. This is go­ing to hurt’ be­cause women broke any­thing but. A ver­sa­tile co­me­dian and ac­tor, he found in­stant fame – in­ter­na­tion­ally if not in New Zealand – as Chip Thorn, the Yel­low Mys­tic Ranger, in Power Rangers more than a decade ago. “I got to do this amaz­ing, cool, in­ter­na­tion­ally known show but Ki­wis just as­sume Power Rangers hasn’t been go­ing since the early 90s (as the show no longer screens here),” Samp­son says. “When I was do­ing it, about 10 years ago, the in­ter­net wasn’t the social-media strong­hold it is now. “If I wanted to find out what peo­ple thought I had to go to fan fo­rums – where I found out I was one of the most hated char­ac­ters.” That didn’t stop him go­ing on to other roles on TV and in films in­clud­ing Em­peror, along­side Tommy Lee Jones, as well as Step Dave, Go Girls and Spies & Lies. ribs when they coughed and sneezed be­cause there was no ex­pan­sion.”

Dis­com­fort aside, Nairn rel­ishes the chance to bring a new char­ac­ter to life – but doubts Char­ity will ban­ish mem­o­ries of Nurse Wendy.

“I am still Wendy Cooper to a lot of peo­ple,” she says. “Your brain thinks be­cause I’m not do­ing it any more it’s go­ing to be fine go­ing to the su­per­mar­ket, but it’s not be­cause you’ve been in peo­ple’s liv­ing rooms for six years and the Wendy thing will never go away.

“That’s part of the show and I think ev­ery­one who has been on there un­der­stands that.”

DC Sam Breen (Nic Samp­son)

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