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Re­fer­ring to the ed­i­to­rial re­gard­ing water me­ters, it makes ref­er­ence to the in­stal­la­tion of water me­ters as be­ing a ‘user pays sys­tem’ and pro­vides equality to the res­i­dents in the use of water.

Sadly, the sys­tem in­stalled in Waipa¯ is not a true to­tal ‘user pay sys­tem’ in pro­vid­ing equality to all res­i­dents, as town­houses/ cross lease prop­er­ties/ units are on a shared sys­tem.

The rub is that we are be­ing charged for a com­mod­ity that the Govern­ment said im­plic­itly we can­not be charged for. Coun­cil bod­ies will ar­gue that the charges are for main­te­nance, treat­ment and the sup­ply of water to res­i­dences — this would be fair as­sum­ing that the in­fra­struc­ture is main­tained, which it’s not.

Why else would ratepay­ers be ex­pect­ing to face a bill of over $500 mil­lion to make good on the Three Water In­fra­struc­ture if it’s not ne­glected.

Coun­cil, then ex­pects if these res­i­dents want to be part of the equality — they have to pay to have a ded­i­cated water line run from the street to their res­i­dence or else they are ex­pected to share the costs (some­thing that these res­i­dents did not agree too) or to split the bill be­tween neigh­bours you may not get along with.

Waipa¯ District Coun­cil’s ex­cuse is that they don’t have the power to en­ter res­i­dent’s prop­er­ties — what a load of rub­bish.

They do have the power, if they both­ered to en­gage the pub­lic, which they strug­gle to do on so many oc­ca­sions.

Res­i­dents that find them­selves in this pre­car­i­ous po­si­tion may con­sider ‘le­gal class ac­tion’ and use the To­tal User Pays Water Sys­tem down in the Kapiti District as prece­dent.


Te Awa­mutu

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